Fox Paine & Company, L.L.C

Fox Paine, which was founded by Saul Fox in 1996, specializes in providing solutions and capital for management buyouts, public-to-private transactions and growth capital initiatives. The firm participates exclusively in friendly, cooperative transactions with the goal of creating tangible value for all parties involved.

Central to the firm’s approach is the belief that creative problem-solving as well as a long term focus creates opportunity and, ultimately, attractive returns on capital. The firm thrives on situations that require in-depth due diligence, thoughtful analysis, and unconventional solutions to address and resolve business issues.

Since inception, Fox Paine invested $1.2 billion (net) of equity capital in diverse operating businesses, including: vegetable seeds, oil & natural gas prospecting software, medical devices and instruments, independent electricity producers, perfume, and specialized property & casualty insurance. These investments returned $2.7 billion. Fox Paine Capital Fund I generated net returns to Fox Paine investors of 10% per year (compounded). Fox Paine Capital Fund II generated net returns to Fox Paine investors of 19% per year (compounded) over its 15 year life, which is 46% greater than the average return from comparable private equity funds over the relevant period of 13%. Fox Paine’s investor returns compare favorably as well with returns available in the public equity markets, as measured by the S&P 500, NASDAQ, and Russell 2000 indices, which returned 5.6%, 6.4%, and 9.5% respectively during the comparable time frame.